Question: What is wrong with Amy in Strictly?

Amy, who has danced on the popular BBC One dance show since 2017, has suffered with Crohns disease since the age of 11, was diagnosed at 19.

What does Amy from strictly have wrong with her?

Amy Dowden: Strictly dancer living with Crohns disease. Amy Dowden is a 30-year-old professional dancer who is best known for competing on the BBC show Strictly Come Dancing. As a teenager, she was diagnosed with Crohns disease, but that has never stopped her from fulfilling her dreams to be a dancer.

Does Amy Dowden have a boyfriend?

Benjamin Jones (2011–) Amy Dowden/Partner

Who is Amy from strictly dating?

Personal life. Dowden is engaged to Ben Jones, her professional dance partner, and together they run the Art in Motion dance school in Dudley. Dowden has suffered from Crohns disease since she was a child. In May 2019, she spoke out about the effect the condition has had on her career as a professional dancer.

Who does Amy from strictly go out with?

As Amy Dowden and dance partner JJ Chalmers fight for the 2020 Strictly glitterball, her real-life partner Ben Jones have faced devastating wedding changes. The couple got engaged in 2018 and were planning on a beautiful Welsh wedding day in 2020, however coronavirus has scuppered their plans.

Who is Amy Dowden fiance?

Benjamin Jones (2011–) Amy Dowden/Partner

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