Question: Is there a red light district in Cairo?

Cairos main red-light district was located a stones throw from the Azbakiyyah. The brothel area was divided into two zones. The Wajh-al-Birkah had the highest concentration of foreign prostitutes who were licenced.

Does Cairo have a red light district?

the face of the blessing was, through the first half of the 20th century, the entertainment district (or red-light district) of Cairo, Egypt. The lake was where Azbakeya is now .Wagh El Birket.Wagh El Birket وجه البركةTroops in the Birka, 1942 cartoonNickname(s): The Berka (WWII)CountryEgyptCityCairo1 more row

Were there brothels in ancient Egypt?

The first brothels proper seem to have been in ancient Egypt. Some historians suggest prostitution was not common until the influence of Greek and Mesopotamian travellers took hold. But, in the times of the later Pharaohs, dancing women and musicians were used to recruit men into brothels.

Does Cairo have good nightlife?

Cairo is even livelier at night than during the day, and locals always know how to enjoy themselves. Alcohol isnt a huge part of social life, but areas like Zamalek are popular with partygoers. In many venues, the distinction between bar, restaurant and club is a little blurred.

Is Cairo a party city?

This ancient city might not be your preferred port of call for an intoxicating extravaganza but would have certainly flabbergasted you with its interesting nightlife! Cairo nightlife is surely a unique experience as it gives you electrifying moments in this historical place of pyramids.

Where can I go at night in Cairo?

8 of the Best Ways to Spend a Night in CairoOpera House. The Cairo Opera House is Egypts premiere performing arts center. Al-Tannoura Egyptian Heritage Dance Troupe. Wekalet El Ghouri Arts Center. Felucca by Night. Dinner Nile Cruise. Muizz Street (Bayt al-Suhaymi) Pyramids Sound and Light Show. Cairo Tower.Oct 9, 2018

What was the wife of a Pharaoh called?

Great Royal Wife Great Royal Wife, or alternatively, Chief Kings Wife (Ancient Egyptian: ḥmt nswt wrt), is the title that was used to refer to the principal wife of the pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, who served many official functions.

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