Question: How to date anime lovers in real life?

How can I make my life like anime?

Try learning something new every day, especially the basics of the Japanese language. Be imaginative and ponder lifes biggest questions. Adapt your style to mimic the bright colors of anime. Try a few new things like karaoke, going on adventures, or visiting an onsen, which is a Japanese hot spring.

Is planetes a romance?

Planetes tells of the lives of a crew aboard a space station collecting space debris. With so many characters, few of which have much to say, a flaccid romance, and conflict that doesnt start until the third act, this story is more slice of life than drama.

Where can I talk about anime?

In the following sites, you can find plenty of active forums where you can have fun and feel comfortable chatting about anime.Anime-Planet. AniList. Reddit. Anime News Network. CBR. Kotaku. Crunchyroll. Tokyo Otaku Mode.2 Oct 2019

Does Say I Love You have a happy ending?

At the end of the closing credits, Mei is heard saying I love you, conveniently ending the series by fulfilling the title Mei, Aiko, Asami, and Nagi are making cookies at Meis house. At Meis house, the cookies are done and turn out to be delicious. Yamato hugs Mei and tells her hes glad shes with him.

How does just because end?

The episode ends with Komiya telling Eita she still likes him. Komiya asks Eita to respond to her feelings after he passes the entrance exam and he agrees. Eita tells Soma that hell confess to Mio if he passes his entrance exam.

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