Question: Who was the first YouTuber?

The first YouTuber was Jawed Karim, who created his YouTube channel, jawed, on April 23, 2005 PDT (April 24, 2005 UTC).

What is the fastest KPOP MV to reach 1 billion views?

Dynamite BTSs “Dynamite” Becomes Fastest Korean Group Music Video To Hit 1.1 Billion Views. BTSs “Dynamite” continues to set new records for the group! On June 1 around 3:45 a.m. KST, the music video for “Dynamite” reached 1.1 billion views on YouTube.

What is the fastest music video to reach 1 billion?

VideoDays1Adele - Hello87.42Luis Fonsi - Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee96.53Ed Sheeran - Shape of You (Official Music Video)97.44J Balvin, Willy William - Mi Gente (Official Video)102.7143 more rows

Which is the fastest video to reach 1 billion?

Sorry, Psy. Adele has outpaced the South Korean pop star on the race to 1 billion views on YouTube. The streaming service announced Thursday that her music video for Hello greeted its 1 billionth view in 87 days, breaking the 158-day record held by Psys Gangnam Style.

Who is Mr beasts girlfriend?

Maddy Spidell In June 2019, MrBeast first shared on Instagram he was dating Maddy Spidell. i dont want mr beast for his money, just want a bf with good taste in anime who can make me laugh, Spidell wrote on Twitter the month before. We are simple people.

What was the first song to hit 1 billion views on YouTube?

Gangnam Style In December 2012, Gangnam Style became the first video to reach one billion views.

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