Question: How do you install a heated visor plug?

How do you hook up a heated visor plug on a snowmobile?

Pull your hood off your sled, and reach up into the wiring harness area. Theres one free wire up there (mine was tucked up behind the left headlight. Thats your heated shield accessory plug. Pull that back to work with it, and plug in your heated shield.

How does a heated shield work?

How do they work? Snowmobile helmets with electric heated shields work exactly the same as the defrost on the rear window of a car. The heating element heats to mildly warm temperature fighting any fog.

How do you clean a heated visor?

To clean the shield, apply some common mild dish soap diluted with clear water using a soft cloth and wipe gently. Finally, wipe it dry with a lint-free soft cloth. To clean the shield, do not use saline water or hot water (above 122ºF/50°C).

How do you clean the inside of a snowmobile helmet?

1:422:53How To Wash Your Motorcycle Helmet | MC GARAGE - YouTubeYouTube

How do you keep your helmet from smelling?

Theres nothing fancy about the process of washing a helmet at all: Youre basically going to wash the interior of the helmet the same way youd wash your hair, with shampoo. Dr. Bronners or even dish soap would work too—the idea is to use a mild soap, preferably one thats clear.

What is an electric shield helmet?

Some people prefer their helmets outfitted with the electric shield as it can help reduce fogging and ice on the shield more so than the traditional dual lens snowmobile shield. These helmets also come with the standard breath box or breath guard and a power cord.

Can I use glass cleaner for helmet visor?

Some helmets feature removable liners—they make cleaning easier, and dry fast. EXTERIOR Mild detergent only—think dish soap—and a soft washcloth. Its easier if youve removed the shield from the helmet shell. Avoid glass cleaners or any product containing ammonia—they can lift the shields anti-scratch coating.

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