Question: What is the upper age limit for a 24-year-old to get married?

What is the max age to get married?

While the mean female marriage age in India is already above 21 years, about 35% of are married before then, with the current legal limit at 18 years, according to SBI.

Is it bad to get married at 24?

Theres a higher risk of divorce if you marry young. If youre a woman, until you reach 24 or 25, your risk of divorce is much, much higher than if you wait to get marriage until 24 or older, says Coontz. In fact, every year that you delay marriage, right up into your early 30s, decreases your risk of divorce.

Guardianship is a system that allows one person to make decisions about another persons life. These decisions can include where you live, your friends, your money, and your health care. Sometimes, people under guardianship are not allowed to vote, get married, or take care of their children.

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