Question: How does polyamory work?

Polyamory, or consensual nonmonogamy, is the practice of having multiple intimate relationships with the full knowledge and consent of all the parties involved. It is not gender-specific. Anyone can have multiple partners of any gender.

Does polyamory ever work out?

Yes, polyamory works if your desire is to have access to multiple sexual partners throughout the course of your lifetime. Yes, polyamory works if you want to get deeply in touch with (and process through) the theme and experience of jealousy in your life.

How do you cheat in a poly relationship?

A polyamorous person can cheat on their partners by ignoring agreed-upon boundaries about dating others, like not telling their partners when they have sex with new people. Hailey Gill, 26, has been polyamorous since high school and told Insider what cheating looks like in their relationships.

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