Question: How do you use the word match?

[transitive, intransitive] match (something) if two things match or if one thing matches another, they are the same or very similar Her fingerprints match those found at the scene of the crime. As a couple they are not very well matched (= they are not very suitable for each other).

How do you use match in a sentence?

I have a match on Friday. She struck the match. I cant find the match to my sock. The curtains make a good match with the bedding.

How do you use the word match as a noun?

​[singular] a person who is equal to somebody else in strength, skill, intelligence, etc.a/no match for somebody (at something) I was no match for him at tennis.We should be a match for most teams.somebodys match (at something) I was his match at tennis.

What is a matching sentence?

In sentence-matching tasks participants respond to two sentences on a computer screen indicating whether the two sentences are identical or not. In general, grammatical sentences are responded to faster than ungrammatical sentences and have been used in the L2 literature as a way of determining grammatical knowledge.

Should match in a sentence?

To improve the energy efficiency and save the system cost, the computational tasks of data center should match to the renewable energy supply. More specifically, the incident photons momentum and energy should match to the momentum and energy of the plasmon modes to be able to excite these charge-coupled oscillations.

What is the verb for match?

verb. matched; matching. Kids Definition of match (Entry 2 of 3) 1 : to be the same or suitable to one another The colors of our shirts match. 2 : to choose something that is the same as another or goes with it Try to match this material.

What type of word is matches?

Match can be a noun or a verb.

How do you find the similarity between two sentences?

The easiest way of estimating the semantic similarity between a pair of sentences is by taking the average of the word embeddings of all words in the two sentences, and calculating the cosine between the resulting embeddings. Obviously, this simple baseline leaves considerable room for variation.

What is the description of match?

1 : a person or thing that is equal to or as good as another We are a match for our opponents. 2 : a contest between two individuals or teams a tennis match. 3 : a thing that is exactly like another thing Im trying to find a match for this sock.

What does nice couple mean?

1 agreeable, amiable, attractive, charming, commendable, courteous, delightful, friendly, good, kind, likable or likeable, pleasant, pleasurable, polite, prepossessing, refined, well-mannered. 2 dainty, fine, neat, tidy, trim.

Is matchy a word?

Matchy-Matchy is an adjective used to describe something or someone that is very or excessively colour coordinated. Matchy-matchy was added to the Oxford Dictionary of English in 2010 along with 200 new words that were previously considered as slang.

What is the same meaning of match?

Synonyms for match. correspond (to), equal, parallel.

What is the root word for matches?

Origin of the word The noun match meaning a small wooden stick that is used to set alight probably has its origins in the Greek and Latin word myxa denoting lamp wick (1). The Old French meiche meant a candle wick and the word macche, which carried the same meaning, was also in use in the late 14th century.

How do I check text similarity?

Text Similarity CheckerWrite or paste the content in the first and second input boxes.Or, upload files from the local device.Click the Check Similarity button.

What is the similarity of the two text?

What is text similarity? Text similarity has to determine how close two pieces of text are both in surface closeness [lexical similarity] and meaning [semantic similarity].

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