Question: Is be2 a good dating app?

Be2 provides a satisfactory dating platform for users who want to meet their match. Since all contacting features are locked for premium-paying members only, there are absolutely no fake profiles you can encounter on the dating site.

Is dating com a legit app? has over 73-million registered users. The site and its apps are available to singles in 32 countries. The app has a 4-star rating and over 59,000 reviews on Google Play. The app has a 3.4-star rating on the Apple App Store.

Is mature dating app safe?

Mature Singles Only is legit in that they really will either connect you with a local matchmaking service or refer you to a dating site. But theyre making money by selling your information.

How much does Singles50 cost?

Is Singles50 expensive or cheap?Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotalBasic3 Months59.90 AUD / Month179.70 AUDClassic6 Months39.90 AUD / Month239.40 AUD2 more rows

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