Question: Whats the best thing to say on an eHarmony profile?

What do you say to someone on eHarmony?

What to say in a messageBe Specific.Mention Something about you.Ask a Question.About Emojis.Keep it simple.Spelling and Grammar Matter.

What should I ask on Eharmony?

Twenty Questions to Ask YourselfWho is the most important person in your life, and why?What is the one dream for your life you most look forward to achieving?Who has the capacity to make you angrier than anyone else in your life, and what in particular does he or she do to make you so angry?More items

How does messaging on eharmony work?

To send a personalized message to another user on eHarmony, visit their profile and click on the Message button. Write your message and then click, send. If you talked to this user in the past, there will be an alert displayed with the number of unread messages so you will know about anything you should respond to.

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