Question: Is tinder written in Swift?

Tinder cards with a twist, written entirely in Swift.: swift.

What is Tinder coded in?

Technology stack for Tinder includes: JavaScript, Python, HTML5 as programming languages, and AWS Mobile platform to build and test apps. To identify user location Tinder utilizes smartphones GPS or data from the wi-fi network connection.

What is Tinder Swift?

Koloda is a class designed to make it easier to implement Tinder-like cards. It also provides us with delegates and data source methods similar to UITableView and UICollectionView which makes it even easier for us to handle different cases such as selection and swiping of cards.

What tech stack does Tinder use?

The technology stack for Tinder includes Python, JavaScript, and HTML5 as programming languages and a mobile platform to build and test apps called AWS. For identifying the exact geographical location, Tinder uses GPS of the smartphone or the Wi-Fi network connection.

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