Question: Are Leo attracted to Aries?

Aries will appreciate how Leo does whatever they want, no matter how silly it makes them look. Both Leo and Aries spontaneous and fun-loving, and Aries will genuinely enjoy being around someone whos just as wild as they are. Both signs are super passionate and enthusiastic, DAngio says.

What do Leo think of Aries?

Leo may feel like their Aries is insensitive, while Aries will feel like Leo is too sensitive. As long as they dont let their individual egos get in the way, Aries and Leo have what it takes to make it work.

Does Leo go with Aries?

A friendship between an Aries and Leo will be warm and exciting. When they come together, they will have plenty of adventures. These two signs will stay loyal to one another — but they might have some trouble with communication. However, overall, Aries and Leo are going to match well because theyre both fire signs.

Are Aries and Leo good in bed?

Leos fellow fire sign, Aries, makes a great partner for them in bed because theyre spontaneous and have the energy to match. “If sex is a sport, then Aries will play and be uninhibited about it all,” Young says.

Why Aries and Leo get along?

Aries Leo is a near perfect match sexually, youre both strong enough to handle the others incredible passion and wild side, and fiery enough to keep a healthy level of friction going at all times to keep things interesting. Your enthusiasm and your Leos playfulness make a great match.

Are Aries good at texting?

Aries. This sign really only texts when they want to set plans with you. They dont reach out to ask you about your day or how your big meeting went. They dont have serious conversations over a screen.

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