Question: Is it normal to question a long-distance relationship?

Doubts in a long-distance relationship are very normal. Doubts originate from uncertainty and insecurity about someone or something. Long-distance relationships are full of uncertainties. These uncertainties range from your feelings changing to practical things like when you will see your romantic partner next time.

Is it normal to argue a long-distance relationship?

Usually, people have a lot of emotions that are associated with their preferences. If you struggle to express these preferences and handle your feelings clearly and effectively, you risk fighting with your long-distance partner. Its normal and healthy to disagree on things.

Is it okay to ask for space in a long-distance relationship?

By creating space, youll both have time to decompress, reset, and maintain your individuality — something experts say is important, regardless of distance. And if you make it a habit, Derrick says, youll notice that youll feel more mindful and connected, instead of scattered and stressed.

What is the hardest part of a long distance relationship?

According to the poll, the hardest part of a long-distance relationship is the lack of physical intimacy, followed by worrying theyll meet someone else . . . feeling lonely . . . and how expensive it is to visit each other.

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