Question: What does Undateable mean?

: not capable of being given a date.

What does Riskay mean?

(rĭs-kā′) adj. Suggestive of or bordering on indelicacy or impropriety. [French, from past participle of risquer, to risk, from risque, risk; see risk.]

What does Unmetamorphosed mean?

: not metamorphosed the arrangement of mineral grains in unmetamorphosed sediments — Journal of Geology.

What does berlow mean?

(Entry 1 of 2) : a sturdy inexpensive jackknife.

Is risque a bad thing?

Risque/risqué as we see from above is suggestive of or bordering on indelicacy or impropriety: “Why does that talk-show host have to be so risque in his conversation?” An usage example for both the words: Its a risky business to tell risqué jokes when you dont know how your audience will respond.

Why do people say risque?

Risqué is more often used in sexual situations, such as a risqué joke that might be inappropriate for an office environment or a risque story you wouldnt tell around your family. The word risque suggests sexual impropriety and indecency, or spicy gossip. Many different languages also contain words that mean risqué.

Why is protolith important?

Chemical Composition of the Protolith The type of rock undergoes metamorphism is a major factor in determing what type of metamorphic rock it becomes. In short the identify of the protolith plays a big role the identity of the metamorphic rock.

Is phyllite a protolith?

The protolith (or parent rock) for phyllite is shale or pelite, or slate, which in turn came from a shale protolith. Its constituent platy minerals are larger than those in slate but are not visible with the naked eye. Phyllite has good fissility (a tendency to split into sheets).

What is Barlows disease?

Barlows disease is the most severe form of degenerative mitral valve disease, commonly characterized by bileaflet prolapse. Abnormal mitral annular dynamics is typically present and results in functional prolapse of the mitral leaflets that may be addressed with annular stabilization alone.

What is Barlows?

In contrast to the leaflet and chordal thinning seen in fibroelastic deficiency, Barlows is characterized by a large valve with redundant tissue that causes the valve to appear thick and swollen (Figure). A dilated annulus and elongated chords cause the entire valve structure to prolapse into the left atrium.

What does Tintalating mean?

To excite (another) pleasurably, superficially or erotically. To excite another, especially in a superficial, pleasurable manner: a steamy story of sex and violence, adultery and murder, designed to titillate as well as to shock (John Guy). [Latin tītillāre, tītillāt-, to tickle.] tit′il·lat′er n. tit′il·la′tion n.

Is risque a bad word?

As the spelling suggest, the word has been taken from French and being an adjective, it can be used to describe a person who is never hesitant to share those improper sexual jokes. Its first known usage dates back to 1865-70 and it has been derived from the French word Risque, which means to risk.

How do I know if I have protolith?

In low grade metamorphic rocks, original textures are often preserved allowing one to determine the likely protolith. As the grade of metamorphism increases, original textures are replaced with metamorphic textures and other clues, such as bulk chemical composition of the rock, are used to determine the protolith.

Is phyllite common?

Phyllite is a very common metamorphic rock, found in many parts of the world. It forms when sedimentary rocks are buried and mildly altered by the heat and directed pressure of regional metamorphism.

Why is phyllite shiny?

Phyllite is a fined grained metamorphic rock. It is foliated, meaning that it has noticeable layers, and splits easily. A defining characteristic is the shiny surface, called phylitic luster caused by the mica particles within the rock. It is associated with regional metamorphism due to mountain building.

Who gets Barlow disease?

According to the medical resource, MedicineNet, MVP is a common heart valve abnormality affecting 5-10% of the worlds population. According to the Mayo Clinic, MVP and Barlows Mitral Valve Disease can develop in any person at any age and can be genetic.

What is it called when blood flows back into the heart?

Regurgitation, or backflow, occurs when the valve does not close tightly. This causes blood to leak back into the chambers instead of flowing through the heart or into an artery.

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