Question: Who was Lil Wayne dating before Christina Milian?

Who all did Lil Wayne date?

Lil WayneSpouse(s)Toya Johnson ​ ​ ( m. 2004; div. 2006)​Partner(s)Nivea (2002–2003, 2009–2010; ex-fiancée) Lauren London (2007–2009) LaTecia Thomas (2019–2020; ex-fiancée)Children4AwardsFull list19 more rows

Did Lil Wayne date Skylar Diggins?

Years ago, Lil Wayne was rumored to be dating Skylar when the rapper was spotted watching a WNBA game with her. But thats all in the past as Skylar has since married Daniel last spring. The couple met while Skylar was still at the University of Notre Dame and was engaged in June 2016.

When did Lil Wayne date Trina?

2005 Trina also spoke on her past relationship with Lil Wayne. The two dated back in 2005 and ended things a year later. As Trina explained in her interview, she felt that age was the biggest hurdle to overcome during their time together.

Does Christina have a baby with Lil Wayne?

And it seems August was even more heartbreaking for Christina as ET Online reports she and rapper Lil Wayne broke up around the time her siblings baby died. Christina is mother to five-year-old daughter Violet with her songwriter ex-husband The-Dream and Lil Wayne has four children of his own.

Who was Trina pregnant by?

Candaza is pregnant with Enola Mithi, her first child with partner Carlo Aquino. In an earlier post on an Instagram account made for their baby, Trina revealed they first confirmed she was pregnant in January 2020.

Who is Christina Milians first child by?

The-Dream On September 11, 2009, it was announced that Milian and The-Dream were expecting their first child together. On February 26, 2010, Milian gave birth to a daughter, who was said to have a full head of hair. This was Milians first child, and the fourth for The-Dream, who had three children with ex-wife Nivea.

What is Trina real name?

Katrina Laverne Taylor Trina/Full name Trina, born name Katrina Taylor, first burst onto the scene in 1998 with her eye-opening feature on Trick Daddys “Nann N*****.” Her verse, however, was a favor. Having just gotten her real estate license, she had zero plans of pursuing a career in music. Then came her first performance.

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