Question: What do Brits call dating?

If youre an American looking to date a Brit, you may want to brush up on their dating lingo. In America, you might say youre into someone, but in the UK, you fancy them. In America you make out with someone, but in the UK, you snog them.

What is a British lover called?

An Anglophile is a person who admires England, its people, its culture, and the English language. Though Anglophilia in the strict sense refers to an affinity for England, it is sometimes used to refer to an affinity for the United Kingdom as a whole, including Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

How do you say boyfriend in British slang?

Slang for BoyfriendBae: An abbreviation of babe or baby.Beau: Boyfriend or girlfriend.Hobeau: A non-hygienic boyfriend.Boo: Boyfriend or girlfriend.Squeeze: This term may refer to a “friends with benefits” partner, or to an actual girlfriend or boyfriend.BF: Acronym for boyfriend.More items •Aug 2, 2018

Is Prat a bad word?

According to Oxford Dictionaries, we started using “prat” to mean idiot in 1960, but before that, it was a 16th century word for buttocks. So when you call someone a prat, youre also calling them an arse. This is another delightful description of someone whos painfully stupid.

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