Question: Is it OK to say Semper Fi?

U.S. Marines use an abbreviated verbal version, Semper Fi, to voice loyalty and commitment to their Marine brothers and sisters-in-arms. Its a Marine thing, if you want to use it you can but as litenlarry said, add the word Marine at the end of it. NO. Marines are a breed of their own.

Is it OK for civilians to say Semper Fi?

It isnt inappropriate; its just weird. The only people I know who say Semper Fi are other Marine veterans, so it very much becomes a signal that that other person in the conversation is one. When other people use the term, it isnt wrong, it just sends the wrong message.

Can civilians say oorah?

It is oorah, as long as its Marine Corps related. Just say it correctly, and if you need an example watch Jamie Foxx say it in the movie Jarhead. The Army gives a Hoo-uhh (think Scent of a Woman) and the Navy gives a Hooyah.

Why do Marines say Semper Fi?

However, “Semper Fi” (as its yelled, cheered, or used as a greeting) is not just a motto for the Marines – its a way of life. The phrase is Latin for “Always Faithful” and it embodies the Marine Corps forever commitment to both their fellow Marines and the United States.

Can you say oorah If you are not a Marine?

Originally Answered: Can non-Marines say Oorah? Of course they can! Its a free country after all. Though, youll get some odd looks from the Marines you say it to if the context isnt right..

What do you say to a Marine?

Oorah is a battle cry common in the United States Marine Corps since the mid-20th century. It is comparable to hooah in the US Army and hooyah in the US Navy and US Coast Guard. It is most commonly used to respond to a verbal greeting or as an expression of enthusiasm.

Do all Marines get a sword?

U.S. Marine officers and NCOs have carried swords since the American Revolutionary War. During the earliest years, the swords worn by Marine NCOs are believed to have been based on Army patterns, though not necessarily the exact swords used by Army NCOs.

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