Question: Is there a new Take Me Out series?

Take Me Out is dead. After 10 years, ITV has announced that no more episodes will be made, with a source telling the Sun that “ITV and Paddy have done all the specials you can eke out of a dating show, so its been decided its time for it to go”. Admittedly, the writing had been on the wall for a while.

How many series of Take Me Out are there?

11 series Take Me Out cancelled by ITV after 11 series | The Independent | The Independent.

How do you get on Take Me Out?

How to Catch Up with Take Me Out. If you fancy catching up with Take Me Out series 7 and 8 then you can do on ITVs website. There are currently 19 episodes available on the ITV Hub. And, if you miss an episode of the new series then head over to the ITV Hub to watch the show on-demand.

How do I apply for Take Me Out 2020?

To apply, go to and you might bag yourself a date to the original love island –the Isle of Fernandos! All applicants must be 18 years old or over. And remember, no likey, no lighty.

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