Question: What do the marks on a piece of China mean?

The markings on fine china are like fingerprints that can lead you to the identity of the manufacturer or the artist, and the pieces age and origin. The marks may appear as letters, symbols, numbers, dates, logos or even signatures, based on the company or potter who made the item.

What do the numbers on the bottom of porcelain mean?

A companys hallmark or makers mark usually includes its name and country of origin and often the date it was established, the pottery or porcelain manufacturer may also have applied a series of numbers which may signify the run, color code, production plant number, or year produced.

How do you date a Furstenberg porcelain?

Prior to 1866, the mark was made by hand, since then it has been stamped. The style and typography of the F have changed over the years which means that this can be used to specify the approximate date of manufacture of the porcelain.

How do I know if my plates are antique?

The markings on the underside of antique dishes can often help you to identify more than who made the piece. Some dishes have a stamp telling you the name of the manufacturer and also a date mark. These marks give you the approximate time frame during which your antique dish was made.

What does Furstenberg mean?

German and Jewish (Ashkenazic) (Fürstenberg): habitational name from a place in Swabia, so named from the genitive case of Old High German furisto prince, modern German Fürst (see Furst) + berg mountain, hill.

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