Question: Who used to be married to Jessica Simpson?

Heres a timeline of their relationship. Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey had one of the most high-profile marriages of the 2000s. Their divorce was finalized in 2006 and both married other people years later.

Who ended Nick and Jessicas marriage?

Simpson and Lachey tied the knot in 2002. After less than four years of marriage, she filed for divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences” in December 2005. “After three years of marriage, and careful thought and consideration, we have decided to part ways,” the twosome said in a joint statement at the time.

Who was Jessica Simpson previously married to?

Nick Lachey Jessica SimpsonSpouse(s)Nick Lachey ​ ​ ( m. 2002; div. 2006)​ Eric Johnson ​ ( m. 2014)​Children3RelativesAshlee Simpson (sister)Musical career12 more rows

Is Nick Lachey still married to Vanessa?

Nick and Vanessa Lachey met on the set of Total Request Live and later started dating in 2006. They got married in 2011 and have since had three children together. In 2020, the pair cohosted the hit Netflix reality show Love Is Blind.

What did Vanessa Lachey do before Nick?

She was a host on MTVs Total Request Live (TRL) from 2003 until 2007 and became a New York City correspondent for Entertainment Tonight in 2005.

How did Nick Lachey meet wife?

Though Nick and Vanessa first met during one of the singers many appearances on TRL, which she hosted from 2003 to 2007, things began to get romantic for the pair when Vanessa starred in Nicks video for “Whats Left of Me.” They could be seen flirting in the MTV Making the Video episode that aired for the mini movie

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