Question: Is Secret benefits a legitimate website?

Genuine website with a great chance to meet hot younger women, only advice is some are just after money with no intention of meeting up and never pay any money out before you meet as there are quite a few scammers on there, but overall well worth the money.

Is Secret benefits a safe site?

Absolutely! Not only is SecretBenefits completely free for Sugar Babies, but the utilization of account and photo verification makes it a much safer site to find matches. SecretBenefits is super straightforward to use, which makes it a site Sugar Daddies love to use. You will definitely find tons of men to choose from!

Is Tendermeets a real website?

TenderMeets isnt the best dating site you can sign-up for and despite it having great features, in my opinion, it isnt worth the money. There are lots of fake profiles, the site is pricy and the interface isnt that great for inexperienced dating site users.

How do I delete my secret benefits account?

How to Delete Secret Benefits Account Step by Step GuideGo to the browser and enter in to your account.Once on the homepage, navigate your way to Account Settings.Go under Membership to find the option of Delete Account.Tap on it and then enter your password to confirm your choice.More items •17 Jun 2021

How do you get paid on secret benefits?

Secret Benefits Payment Options At this time, members can pay for their credit bundle with a Visa credit or check card, Mastercard credit or check card, Discover credit or check card, or a JCB credit or check card.

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