Question: Can you date a flight attendant?

So dont try to surprise her with a big family gathering or a fancy dinner date after a long haul flight. Usually, all she is going to want is a hot shower, a long nap, and maybe a warm hug. So dont try to date a flight attendant, unless you think you can keep up with her.

Can flight attendants have relationships?

You can live pretty much anywhere Your significant other is thinking about transferring to another city for work? No problem! As a flight attendant, you can live almost anywhere- as long as you can make it to your base on time for work.

Would you marry a flight attendant?

Its not surprising, then, that, according to data from the US census bureau, flight attendants are highly likely to marry other flight attendants. The reason likely comes down to lifestyle compatibility.

Why You Should Date flight attendant?

Flight attendants are trained to be efficient, punctual, and organized—admirable qualities in a dating partner, especially if youve dated irresponsible, unreliable people in the past. 10. Dinner conversation with a flight attendant is unlikely to be boring. They have an endless supply of interesting stories to tell.

Do flight attendants judge you?

Yes, a passenger is judged if they are sitting in an exit row. You want to drink, you are NOT sitting in an exit row. When I was flying I cut off several passengers when it was clear they were getting tipsy. Its their job to judge if a passenger is in condition to evacuate if necessary.

Do flight attendants stay where they fly?

They are typically located above first class and behind the cockpit. This provides a place for them to sleep without being under the watchful eye of the public. There are times when flight attendants might be working 14-18 hours followed by a return flight the next day.

What do flight attendants do after landing?

After the plane is safely in the air, flight attendants check for passenger comfort. They deliver headphones or pillows to passengers who request them and serve food or drinks. After landing, attendants assist passengers in safely deplaning the aircraft.

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