Question: Who is Millie Bobby dating?

Now, the young British actress is all grown up, and – to the shock of fans – she has reportedly found a romantic connection with rock star Jon Bon Jovis 19-year-old son, Jake Bongiovi.

Who is Millie Bobby Brown dating now?

Jake Bongiovi New couple alert! Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown is reportedly in a relationship with singer Jon Bon Jovis son Jake Bongiovi.

Who is Noah schnapps crush?

Zendaya Stranger Things actor Noah Schnapp finally met his longtime crush Zendaya at the E! Peoples Choice Awards on Sunday, and fans were overjoyed that the 15-year-old star was living his dream.

Is Noah dating Millie?

As of 2021, Noah Schnapp is single and Millie Bobby Brown is dating Jake Bongiovi. A while ago, Jake shared a picture with Millie on his Instagram with a caption that read, “bff <3”. Reacting to the pic, the ST actress wrote, “BFF 🦄”.

Who is eleven dating in real life?

– Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) The most recent couple is that of the interpreter of Eleven in the series with Jake Bongiovi. Millie has been dating singer Jon Bon Jovis son for a month and recently featured him publicly on her Instagram account.

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