Question: Is the Vox AC30 a good amp?

The Vox AC30 and AC15 are two of the best guitar amplifiers ever produced. To begin, the tone of this amp, which is the most important attribute, is rich and full but also versatile. The Tremolo is second to none as well and in my opinion as good as even those vintage Fender amps.

Is the Vox AC30 too loud?

Thats 30 watts of clean volume. They are plenty loud. If you have trouble being heard playing an ac30 then something is wrong.

Is AC30 a tube amp?

Though widely believed to be a class A amplifier, the AC30 is in fact class AB. It uses a quartet of cathode-biased EL-84 output tubes in push-pull configuration.

Are Vox amps loud?

Vox amps are generally quite clean and do only fairly mild overdrive. Id look into something like Orange or Blackstar for something more versatile. AC15 is loud for a 15 watt tube amp.

How much does a Vox ac30 weight?

Weight: 70.99 lbs.

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