Question: Whats the best question to ask a Christian?

What questions would you ask a Christian?

Here are 50 questions that a nonbeliever may ask a believer to try and understand religion a bit more.What religion do you believe in?Do you believe in God or another deity?When did you choose your faith?What is your idea of what God looks like?Is there a heaven?Is there a hell?What does heaven look like?More items •Sep 23, 2014

What are the most asked questions to Christians?

The gospel at the heart of Christianity is the ultimate answer to this .Christianitys most frequently asked questions, answeredScience and God are opposed, right? Isnt faith just irrational and emotive? If God is real, then why is there so much suffering and hardship and persecution that we see going on around us?More items

What is a good question to ask God?

Ask God about yourself. (I especially recommend asking God for a Bible verse, because we KNOW thats truth no matter what!) How do You see me? What are You doing in my life right now? What do You say about the pain in my past?

How do you ask someone for their faith?

Here are 12 ways you can bring up religion on a date without feeling uncomfortable.Find a date online. Its as simple as that. Ask questions. Say youre not an expert. Ask about family history. Talk about college. Bring up a topical religious issue. Talk about movies. See where they shop.More items •Sep 8, 2014

Why does God ask questions in the Bible?

God asks questions. Questions give people the opportunity to learn, share, think and grow. In reading the Bible, there are many exchanges where the Creator of the universe uses questions to speak into lives of people. God knew where Adam was hiding in the garden, but he still asks, “Where are you?” (Genesis 3:9).

What would you ask Jesus if you met him?

If I met Jesus I would have a lot of questions. I would ask him how it was growing up with a father like Joseph and a mother in Mary. I would ask him how it was living among people as a son of God. First I would repent all my sins and soothe him of the pain he had to endure while on the cross.

Who did God ask a question?

God found Hagar by a well in the wilderness. She had stopped at a spring for what could have been one last drink. And then an angel of the Lord met her there and called her by her name.

What is the first question God asked in the Bible?

The first recorded question that God asked man (Adam) was, “where are you?”.

How do I ask Jesus for help?

Ask God specifically for what you want. Tell God what you want or need and ask Him to provide that for you. Be specific about your request. Even though God knows what you want and need, He wants you to ask Him for it. God can answer vague prayers, but being specific creates a deeper bond between you and Him.

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