Question: Whats the best way to deal with an ex girlfriend?

What should you not do with your ex girlfriend?

Not support them.Stop putting in effort.Take shots at each other.Lose your sense of self.Cheat.Forget about your friends.Compare them.Forget about them.Dismiss any problems.More items •Mar 15, 2021

What should you never tell your girlfriend?

Top 10 Things You Should Never Tell Your GirlfriendPreaching Her Not To Get Emotional. Talking About How Much Money You “Really” Have & How You Handle It. Relating Her Behavior To Her Hormonal Cycles. Asking About Her Sexual Past Doesnt Help Anybody. Commenting About Her Make-Up Free Look Just Isnt Cool Buddy.More items •30 Apr 2013

What should I not say to my girlfriend?

So guys, listen up: Here are a bunch of things you should NEVER say to your girlfriend. Youre not the prettiest girl Ive dated. So what if its true? You may not be the hottest guy WEVE dated, but were not about to SAY so. You look like my ex. No one wants to be compared to an ex -- unless the ex is a model.

Why you should never tell a girl to chill?

So when you tell her to relax, youre implying that your response—i.e., nothing—is correct. Youre denying that theres a reason to be upset. Youre telling her shes crazy. Women may sometimes feel crazy and joke about it, but anything smacking of accusations of being crazy will be far from soothing.

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