Question: When did Harry Styles and Cher become friends?

Who did Cher Lloyd date from one direction?

Cher Lloyd has found love with fellow X Factor finalist Zain Malik - despite Simon Cowells love ban amongst the shows contestants. The fragile 17-year-old has been trying to keep her blossoming romance with the One Direction heart-throb - also 17 - secret to avoid the show bosss wrath.

Who did Harry Styles grow up with?

He and his sister Gemma were brought up by their mother in the town of Holmes Chapel in Cheshire. His mother was later remarried, to Robin Twist. Styles attended Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School, where he and three of his friends formed a band called White Eskimo.

When did Harry Styles grow up?

Styles grew up in Holmes Chapel, England, where he worked for a local bakery. When he was 14 years old, Styles started making £6 per hour at the W Mandeville bakery in Holmes Chapel. His former boss, Simon Wakefield, told The Mirror in 2013, [Harry] was the most polite member of staff weve ever had.

Did Cher Lloyd date Harry Styles?

They are two of the hottest young singers in the music industry at the moment, so its no wonder X Factors Cher Lloyd and One Directions Harry Styles have struck up a close friendship. Its not the first time Harry and Cher have been romantically linked.

Did Zayn and Cher Lloyd date?

Zayn Malik and the rest of One Direction deny having a fling with Cher Lloyd. Zayn Malik and the rest of One Direction have denied that any of the band dated Cher Lloyd during their time on The X Factor. Malik started dating fellow X Factor star Rebecca Ferguson, but the couple split last month.

Did Zayn and Selena dated?

The former couple had been dating on and off for three years before splitting in 2014. Im just tired of talking about it, Gomez said. I never intended for my life to become a tabloid story. The singer also vaguely answered whether or not shed ever consider dating former One Direction member Zayn Malik.

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