Question: How can you win a guys heart?

How do you win a guys heart over text?

Put a smile on his face by sending him a cute little text about something youre doing and he is not there to share. Or send something sweet and funny to let him know youre thinking about him even when youre not together. Men like attention.

What is the key to a guys heart?

The key to almost every guys heart is to feel like a great man beside his better half. This doesnt mean that you have to become a people pleaser or are expected to nod your head at his every word. Just dont stop reminding him how special and unique he is to you.

What do you say to a guy you love?

Sweet Things to Say to Your BoyfriendI love you for everything you are.I feel so safe with your arms around me.I cant stop smiling around you. You make me so happy.I crave you more than pizza.I love your _____.Youre more than my boyfriend. Every day is an adventure with you.Id do anything to see you smile.

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