Question: Is Worthing a good holiday destination?

Worthings a great holiday destination. Perfectly located on the Sussex coast you can make the most of the coast, town and countryside and easily explore everything the county has to offer.

Whats the beach like in Worthing?

The gently sloping beach at Worthing is sand and shingle, with most of the sandier parts being covered as the tide moves in. This means low tide is definitely the time to visit with kids as there are also some rock pools uncovered.

Is there a sandy beach at Worthing?

If youre looking for a beach perfect for rockpooling, Worthing is just that. The gently sloping beach of sand and shingle means that at low tide, visitors can discover a whole host of creatures underneath the rocks.

What is Worthing like to visit?

One of the biggest seaside towns on the South Coast, Worthing is a lively destination for shopping, eating, entertainment and family fun by the seaside! Its perfectly located to explore the award-winning beaches and seafront of the Worthing coast, as well as the stunning landscape of the South Downs.

Are there any sandy beaches in Sussex?

One of the most renowned sandy beaches in East Sussex, Camber Sands has a fantastic system of sand dunes just waiting to be explored – the only dunes in East Sussex! A series of wooden groynes hold the sand of the main beach together where sandcastle building is a must.

Has Eastbourne got a sandy beach?

Eastbourne Beach – The beach is a favourite for all the family. It is a shingle beach with sandy stretches at mid to low tide. Eastbourne offers some old fashioned fun by the seaside.

How far is it across the English Channel to France?

approximately 21 miles What is the distance of an English Channel Swim? The English Channel Swim from Shakespeares Cliff or Samphire Hoe in England to Cap Gris-Nez in France is approximately 21 miles or 32 kilometers. Due to currents, winds and other factors, swimmers should anticipate and train to swim significantly more miles.

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