Question: Where do the lesbians live in Chicago?

Share Chicagos LGBTQ Neighborhoods: Andersonville Home to one of Chicagos largest gay and lesbian communities, Anderson is recognized for its diversity and a quirky atmosphere. The neighborhood is made up of many locally-owned businesses and stylish boutiques. Home to one of Chicagos largest gay and lesbian communities

Where can I meet lesbians in Chicago?

Best places to meet attractive lesbians in Chicago, ILBig Chicks. 4.9 mi. 279 reviews. $ Gay Bars. The Closet. 3.1 mi. 98 reviews. Smart Bar. 3.2 mi. 373 reviews. Transit Nightclub. 1.6 mi. 109 reviews. Beauty Bar. 0.9 mi. 310 reviews. Scarlet. 3.0 mi. 171 reviews. Sidetrack. 3.0 mi. 421 reviews. Second Story Bar. 2.9 mi. 148 reviews.More items

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