Question: Does PositiveSingles cost money?

There are three subscription plans available - 3, 6, and 12-month one and they cost $19.98, $15.99, and $12 per month, respectively. You can cancel your subscription any time you want via the website. is a great online dating platform for people with STDs.

Is PositiveSingles free?

PositiveSingles is a free friendship, social, and dating website that specifically caters to people who are living with sexually transmitted diseases (STD). Its services are mainly provided in North America and Europe.

What is POS dating?

A site designed for those with HIV, HPV, herpes, and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), Positive Singles has been live since 2001. Features include a live dating advisor and online chat rooms.

What does POZ stand for?

POZAcronymDefinitionPOZHIV PositivePOZPodstawowa Opieka Zdrowotna (Polish: Primary Health Care)POZPromoteurs Objectif Zerosida (HIV prevention; Haiti)POZPoznan, Poland - Lawica (Airport Code)2 more rows

What is a POS guy?

POS stands for parent over shoulder, which is meant to alert a person that your father or mother is watching.

What does POS mean in Tiktok?

/POS – Positive outlook. /GEN – Genuinely asking. /G – Genuine.

What does POS mean in English?

point of sale (pi oʊ ɛs ) uncountable noun. The POS is the place in a store where a product is passed from the seller to the customer. POS is an abbreviation for point of sale.

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