Question: Is revenge ever justified?

In believing that justice is in fact the same as revenge, with nearly invisible difference in matters of action, then revenge can still be conditionally justified: If both the individual and the state have been avenged, it is justice. Hence, further clarification of revenge being conditionally justified is necessary.

Why is revenge never justified?

In principle, just because you did something bad to me is never a reason for me to do something bad to you. Doing something for revenge or to get even just makes more bad things happen. Sometimes we justify harming someone to teach them a lesson.

Is it ever okay to seek revenge?

But while the need for revenge can be understandable, experts say it is never healthy. Some people equate revenge with seeking justice, but the two are not the same. People who seek revenge are driven by anger and violence and have not thought about how channel their negative feelings into something positive.

Is revenge justified in court?

Historically, revenge has not been viewed as a legitimate justification for punishment under American legal principles. However, in the past year, both the United States Supreme Court and the Department of Justice have signaled that revenge may well have a legitimate role in justifying the death penalty.

Is it wrong to get revenge?

1. It wont make you feel better. You might be thinking that it will also provide great relief from the pain that you are feeling or some sort of satisfaction. Sadly, evidence shows that people who seek revenge instead of forgiving or letting go, tend to feel worse in the long run.

Is revenge ever justified in a poison tree?

Expert Answers Blakes message, in my view, is that revenge is not justified, though he doesnt state this directly, and the poem describes only an isolated case without background or elaboration regarding this particular quest for retribution.

Why revenge is a good thing?

Not only can revenge give people pleasure, but people seek it precisely because of the anticipation it will do so. Its about the experience of regulating emotions, says Chester. After having the opportunity to get revenge, the rejected individuals scored the same on mood tests as those who had not been rejected.

In California, and the majority of other states, cyber exploitation or “revenge porn” is illegal. State law regards this content as nonconsensual pornography, and violators can face charges of a criminal offense.

Do you think Aksionov is justified in wanting revenge for what Makar did?

Do you think Aksionov is justified in wanting revenge for what Makar did? I dont think he made the right choice by forgiving Makar, because this cost him more than half of his life. He couldve had a good life with his wife and children, and because of Makar he couldnt. He doesnt deserve forgiveness.

What does A Poison Tree say about revenge?

A Poison Tree implies that negative emotions somehow generate each other. In other words, anger leads to lies, deceit, revenge, and, even in some instances, death. Its a vicious cycle (and not a Harley-Davidson). Although the enemy essentially breaks into the speakers garden, we still think that he is the victim.

Will God punish those who hurt others?

Originally Answered: Does God punish those who hurt others? No. Theres no God (if you ask me). However, people who hurt others are asking for enemies, and thats not a very smart strategy for a comfortable or painfree life.

What do you call a person who seeks revenge?

Revengeful is used to describe someone who is determined to get revenge—retaliation against or punishment of someone for some kind of harm that they caused or wrongdoing that they did (whether real or perceived). Revengeful also means inclined to seek revenge. The adjective vindictive is a close synonym.

What causes vengeance?

People seek revenge when: They feel they have been attacked and suffered some unjust loss or injury. As a result they are feeling anger, hate, jealousy, envy, or shame. They are humiliated, especially if they are made to feel powerless, foolish, ridiculous, stupid, or ashamed.

Why is the best revenge no revenge?

“The best revenge is just moving on and getting over it. Dont give someone the satisfaction of watching you suffer.” There is no revenge so complete as forgiveness; revenge of any sort is extremely toxic. cDo not lower yourself to someone elses level because then you become just as bad as they are.

Why didnt Aksionov tell the truth about the hole Makar dug?

d) Why did Aksionov decide not to reveal the truth about Makar Semeyonich? Aksionov was imprisoned, since he was suspected for killing a merchant. For twenty-six years as a convict in Siberia, he grew old. He felt that he had suffered twenty six years in the prison without committing any murder.

What is the moral of a poison tree?

The moral of the poem is to be open and honest with your feelings because nursing your anger will only bring more harm. In this Blake poem, an individual who hides and nurses his anger is contrasted with a person who goes immediately and tells his friend why he is angry.

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