Question: Why you should never go on Omegle?

Why Omegle is dangerous?

Its site states “predators have been known to use Omegle, so please be careful.” Children and young people may be asked by strangers to share their name, age, and location. There were also investigations into online child abuse on Omegle along with reports of racism, extremist views, scams, and cyberbullying.

Does Omegle keep video logs?

You chat in an anonymous environment, and you can do it at complete random or you can enter. It doesnt keep chat logs, store IDs, or anything else. Each chat log is saved in Omegles server after a user exits a . You can talk about anything, and either party can disconnect at any time.

What is ASL in texting?

Asl is an internet abbreviation for age, sex, and location, usually asked as a question in romantic or sexual contexts online. Its also used as internet slang for the intensifying expression “as hell.” What are some other words related to asl?

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