Question: Can a Christian man marry an Algerian girl?

Can an Arab man marry a Christian?

Islamic law (sharia) permits marriage between Muslim men and women who are People of the Book (Jews and Christians); in the case of a Muslim-Christian marriage, which is to be contracted only after permission from the Christian party, the Christian spouse is not to be prevented from attending church for prayer and

Can I marry someone from Algeria?

Marriage in Algeria is based on its civil code and it can take three to four weeks to obtain authorization. However, only the civil marriage is recognized as a legal marriage in Algeria and the United States. Same-sex marriage is not legal in Algeria.

What age do Algerian men marry?

Marriage is defined as a legal contract between a man and a woman. The legal age of marriage is 18 judges may in special cases allow earlier marriage.

How many Algerians are Christian?

Religious leaders unofficial estimates of the number of Christians range from 20,000 to 200,000. According to government officials, foreign residents make up the majority of the Christian population.

How many wives can you have in Algeria?

Polygamous marriages may be legally contracted in Algeria in the form of polygyny, and a man may take up to four wives.

Is adultery a crime in Algeria?

Adultery is illegal under article 339 of Algerias Penal Code, and anyone found guilty of the offence faces a sentence of one to two years in prison, but only when the [translation] offended spouse complains (ibid.).

Is the Bible illegal in Algeria?

Protestant groups have been accused of proselytizing, which is illegal in Algeria, though their leaders deny it. Several Protestants were prosecuted last year for carrying large quantities of Bibles or converting people to Christianity. “The general trend is that Christianity is no longer attractive in Algeria.”

Despite the fact that the minimum age for marriage is set at 19 years (with some exception) in the Algerian Family Code, child marriage still exist in certain ethnic groups.

couscous Dishes. A common and one of the most favorite dishes of Algerian cuisine is couscous, with other favorites such as shakshouka, karantita, and marqa bel aassel, a speciality from Tlemcen. A popular Algerian meat is merguez, an originally Berber sausage.

Does Algeria have religious freedom?

Freedom of religion in Algeria is regulated by the Algerian Constitution, which declares Islam to be the state religion (Article 2) but also declares that freedom of creed and opinion is inviolable (Article 36); it prohibits discrimination, Article 29 states All citizens are equal before the law.

What is Algeria religion?

The constitution declares Islam to be the state religion and prohibits state institutions from behaving in a manner incompatible with Islam. The law grants all individuals the right to practice their religion if they respect public order and regulations. Offending or insulting any religion is a criminal offense.

What are Moroccos beliefs?

Almost all Moroccans follow Islam and a large majority are Sunni Muslims, belonging to the Maliki school of Islamic jurisprudence. Other minority religions include Christianity, Judaism and Bahaism.

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