Question: Which state is the most similar to California?

Whats closer to California?

California is the third largest state in the United States, bounded by the Pacific Ocean in the west and bordered by Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona; it shares a border with Mexico in the south. The United States acquired the area from Mexico in 1848, with generally the same boundary as California today.

Which state should I move to from California?

Washington. Washington state carries the title of the best state to live in, so naturally, Californians are rushing there. The state ranks fourth for Health and Education, third for Economy and second for Infrastructure. And when you consider that you dont have to pay income tax, you can really relax and enjoy life.

Why should I move to California?

Natural beauty, cutting-edge technology, vibrant food culture, movies and music - California has it all. From Hollywood dreams to Silicon Valley start-ups; from Napa Valley vineyards to miles of free beaches, California is one of the most beautiful and livable places in America.

What is Californias state?

California is a state in the Western United States. It is bordered by Nevada to the east, Arizona to the southeast, the Pacific Ocean to the west, Oregon to the north, and the Mexican state of Baja California to the south .California.hideCalifornia state symbolsMineralNative goldRockSerpentineSoilSan JoaquinSportSurfing24 more rows

How long is a plane ride from New York to California?

Average direct flight time is 6 hours 5 minutes. The fastest direct flight from New York to California is 6 hours 5 minutes.

How many hours behind is California than New York?

3 hours California is 3 hours behind New York.

What is Californias state fruit?

State symbolsTypeSymbolYearFruitAvocado Persea americana2013GemstoneBenitoite1985Gold Rush Ghost TownBodie2002GrainRice201335 more rows

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