Question: What is there to do in Nairobi on Saturday?

What is there to do in Nairobi tomorrow?

Top Attractions in NairobiDavid Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. 6,545. Nature & Wildlife Areas. Nairobi National Park. 3,331. National Parks • Nature & Wildlife Areas. Giraffe Centre. 5,150. Karura Forest. 1,036. Karen Blixen Museum. 2,175. Nairobi National Museum. 1,399. Ngong Hills. 320. Karen Village. Art Galleries • Art Museums.More items

What can you do in Nairobi for 3 days?

Heres how to spend three days in Nairobi.Day 1: Cityscape Safari and Conservation. Even in Kenyas biggest city, wildlife isnt far away, so spend your first morning on a safari through Nairobi National Park. Day 2: Local Culture and Cuisine. Day 3: Safari Experience.

Where can I go on a road trip in Nairobi?

Giraffe Centre. 4.5/577 Reviews. based on 5146 reviews. Nairobi National Park. 4.5/590 Reviews. National Park Oloolua Nature Trail. 4.8/56 Reviews. based on 103 reviews. Lake Bogoria. 4.5/535 Reviews. Paradise Lost. 5/51 Reviews. Karura Forest Reserve. 4.9/57 Reviews. Nearby City. Masai Village. Nearby City. Hells Gate National Park.More items

What is special in Nairobi?

12 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in NairobiNairobi National Park. Nairobi National Park. David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Giraffe Centre. Giraffe Centre | Maria Hgglf / photo modified. Karura Forest Reserve. Karen Blixen Museum. Nairobi National Museum. Bomas of Kenya. Kazuri Beads Factory Tour.More items •17 Nov 2020

Is Nairobi safe to walk around?

Nairobi is not safe to walk around. There are areas, day or night, where visitors would be ill-advised to wonder without a local guide.

Where can I go on a date in Nairobi?

11 Free and Cheap Date Ideas to Try in NairobiPicnic at the arboretum, Nairobi. Park. Explore Karura Forest. Forest. Visit scary animal parks. Park. Stay in and cook. Greengrocer, African, American, $$$ Do some charity work. Homestay. Work out together. Gym. Grab some fast food. Attend a free exhibition.More items •2 Apr 2018

Where can I go on a mini road trip?

Big Bear Lake. DRIVING DISTANCE FROM LA: 2 hours and 45 minutes. Palm Springs. DRIVING DISTANCE FROM LA: 2 hours and 45 minutes. Catalina Island. DRIVING DISTANCE FROM LA: 45 minutes to Long Beach + 1-hour ferry ride. Joshua Tree. DRIVING DISTANCE FROM LA: 3 hours. Temecula Valley. Ojai. Solvang. Laguna Beach.More items •1 Oct 2020

Who owns Lukenya Getaway?

Michael Wamae Michael Wamae is the founder and CEO of Lukenya MX Limited. He has worked as an Operations Director at MAP International, East and Southern Africa Office for over 9 years and served in different capacities as a member of the management team.

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