Question: How do you ask a girl for a kiss?

How do you politely ask for a kiss?

Confidently tell her youd like to kiss her. Honesty, in all things, is the best policy. So just tell her you want to kiss her -- its not forceful or rude, just confidently romantic. I want to kiss you right now. Unless she says no, move in slowly after you say it. Id love a kiss before I go.

Is it rude to ask for a kiss?

Its not rude to politely ask a girl for a kiss, if the two of you are dating. If you have asked her on a date, she has agreed to go, and the two of you have had a good time, many (if not most) Western females would welcome a polite request.

How do you kiss without being awkward?

As you near their lips, close your eyes, and keep them closed until the kiss is over. This will prevent them from getting uncomfortable during the kiss. If you stare at them during the kiss, they might feel uncomfortable. Plus, keeping your eyes open can take away from the mood.

How do you make someone want to kiss you?

Find out how to get a guy to kiss you using the following methods:Light Touches. Touch him throughout your conversation. Smile. Lean in and smile. The “Old Stare Trick.” Hold your head to the side in rapt attention and stare straight at his lips. Work it into a conversation. “Im so cold.” Take initiative.Jul 18, 2014

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