Question: Is it possible to date with a chronic illness?

Love and Disability: How to Tell Your Date About Your Chronic Illness. Your chronic illness is just one piece of what youre all about. Modern dating is hard enough, but dating when you have a chronic illness can add a whole new layer of anxiety to an already emotionally risky process.

How do you become a partner with chronic illness?

Listen to your partner when they talk about the physical and emotional impact their disease is having on them, along with what the symptoms and side effects are. Be patient with them and, whats more, believe them. Realise that what they are going through is even worse than what you are experiencing.

How does it feel to have chronic illness?

Chronic illnesses have disease-specific symptoms, but may also bring invisible symptoms like pain, fatigue and mood disorders. Pain and fatigue may become a frequent part of your day. Along with your illness, you probably have certain things you have to do take care of yourself, like take medicine or do exercises.

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