Question: Should you use your first name on Bumble?

Do people use their first names on Bumble?

Because dating apps like Tinder and Bumble only reveal peoples first names when youre swiping through the app, last names remain a mystery unless you ask. Because of that, asking someones last name is taken as a sign that the relationship is becoming more serious.

How do I put my full name on Bumble?

Right now, there isnt a way for you to change the name displayed on the app yourself. However, were happy to change it for you! Just let us know what youd like your name to be displayed as and well get it updated for you as soon as possible.

Should I join tinder or Bumble?

Tinder is better than Bumble if youre only looking at the sheer number of potential matches. Part of the Match Group portfolio, Tinder is more popular than Bumble. Youve got the potential to meet more women, particularly if youre in a more rural area where Bumble users are few and far between.

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