Question: Can herpes be dormant for 30 years?

Can it lie dormant? The herpes virus can lie dormant in the body for years before people experience any symptoms. After people have the first outbreak of herpes, the virus then lies dormant in the nervous system. Any further outbreaks are due to the virus reactivating, which causes symptoms to appear.

How long can herpes dormant?

Herpes can lay dormant for decades, Oller says, though that is less common. Stress and lowered immunity can cause the virus to activate suddenly. More commonly, people get their primary outbreak within two to twelve days after exposure. That first exposure can last quite some time, she warns, from two to four weeks.

Can herpes lay dormant for 18 years?

Herpes can lay dormant (sort of like its in hibernation) for years without causing any noticeable symptoms. Because of this, many people dont know they have it and may have trouble figuring out how or when they got it.

Can herpes come back after 20 years?

After the initial infection, the virus can lie dormant in the body and can reactivate several times a year. Although medications can ease symptoms and reduce the risk of infecting others, there is no cure for herpes. Condoms also can help prevent transmission.

What triggers dormant herpes?

Once a person is infected with herpes, the virus may stay dormant or quiet within the nerves. It is not known what exactly may trigger the symptoms, however, the symptoms can be activated or triggered by certain factors such as: Fatigue. Genital stimulation such as during sexual intercourse.

Is it possible to date someone with herpes and not get it?

Tips for dating with herpes Having the herpes virus does not mean that your dating life is over. There is no reason you cannot continue meeting and dating people, as long as youre willing to be open and honest with them about your diagnosis.

Is herpes a deal breaker for guys?

“The right person will know that herpes is not a deal breaker,” says Henderson, “They will be able to work with you, get over it, and accept it.” If someone cannot deal with it, then they are not the right person, she says. Give yourself credit for being honest with partners.

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