Question: What is the most sought after Martin guitar?

11930 Martin OM-45 Deluxe – $300,000 This is considered the Holy Grail of guitars and is a highly sought after instrument.

What is the most valuable Martin guitar?

Kurt Cobains 1959 Martin D-18E guitar, famously played in Nirvanas historic 1993 “MTV Unplugged performance, has smashed the world record price for a guitar at auction, selling for US$6,000,010 at a Juliens auction in Hollywood today.

Which Martin guitars are best?

The 7 Best Sounding Martin Guitars for the MoneyMartin Standard Series D-28. Best Martin “Acoustic” Guitar. Martin LX1E. Best Small Martin Guitar. Martin GPX1AE. Best Martin Fingerstyle Guitar. Martin LXM. Best Budget Martin Guitar. Martin D Jr 10. Best Entry Level Martin Guitar. Martin DC-16E. Martin D-15.Oct 14, 2019

Do Martin Guitars increase in value?

Any new Martin will lose value as soon as its purchased, up to 40 percent of retail. Vintage Martins can appreciate, but not used ones. With 2-3k, even with bank interest youll be earning a return on your investment, and starting right away.

What is the best year for Stratocaster?

Here are our honorable mentions for the Stratocasters best year:1954: This was the Stratocasters very first year in production. Similarly to first-issue books, the 1954 Stratocaster is the most collectible compared to all of the other years. 1957: The next great year for the Stratocaster came in 1957.

Are guitars worth collecting?

A guitar you can pick up for a couple of hundred bucks is unlikely to hold its value and may actually be worth less than you paid for it after a few years. So, if you decide to invest, you really need to spend some money to get good guitars.

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