Question: What is the most popular cat video on YouTube?

The most popular cat on YouTube is Maru! He lives in Japan, loves boxes and has had nearly 300 million views!

In 2015, there were more than 2 million cat videos on YouTube, with an average of 12,000 views each – a higher average than any other category of YouTube content. Cats made up 16% of views in YouTubes Pets & Animals category, compared to dogs 23%.

Are cat videos popular?

“Cats” is one of the most-searched-for terms on the Internet, and YouTube videos starring felines account for more than 26 billion views, making them the single most popular category on the site.

Is a cat cute?

Why Are Cats Cute? Cats have a unique kind of cuteness. They show affection through their large green eyes, they depict playfulness by chasing laser lights and toy spiders, and they become a part of your home (read: furniture) by lying on their backs with their legs perched up in the air.

What percentage of YouTube videos are cat videos?

2% It is impossible for you to watch all videos on YouTube, so you use a random video picker to select 1000 videos for you. You find that 2% of these videos are cat videos.

What do celebrities name their cats?

Famous Peoples Cats NamesSocks (Bill and Hilary Clintons pet cat during their time in the White House)Olivia or Meredith (Taylor Swifts Scottish fold cats)Graham (Ed Sheeran)Moke (Ian Somerhalder)Keke, Lilo, or Shanti Om BB (Miley Cyrus)Sheila (Lea Michele)More items •Nov 4, 2020

Are cat videos healthy?

Research shows that watching cat videos is not only good for entertainment; its also excellent for your health. The June 2015 study published in Computers in Human Behavior surveyed nearly 7,000 people about watching cat videos and how the practice affects their moods.

Do animal videos make money on YouTube?

Avery is an Amazon Associate who shares his affiliate links in the description of every video. So now you know: Pet enthusiasts and hobbyists arent the only animal lovers who make money on YouTube. You can run a general practice and make money with a YouTube Channel too.

Is it bad for cats to watch bird videos?

Encouragement. Watching birds can be an enjoyable, stimulating and interactive pastime for felines. If you want to encourage this activity in your precious pet, consider placing a bird feeder directly outside of your fluffballs favorite comfortable window perch.

What is the cutest cat name?

100 Most Popular Cute Cat NamesBella.Kitty.Lily / Lilly.Charlie.Lucy.Leo.Milo.Jack.More items

Why are people obsessed with funny cat videos?

But why are they so popular? Viral expert Matt Smith, co-founder of the Viral Factory, believes it is partly because cats are so acrobatic. He says: “Properly nourished cats and kittens love to jump and play around, and so, on a basic level, they are very entertaining to watch.

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