Question: What should I put on my bio on the dating app?

Can you have two Tinder accounts with the same phone number?

You can use multiple versions of Tinder simultaneously; just set each version up with a different Tinder account. The paid app, Parallel Space, offers a simple way of cloning Tinder and any other app that you want more than one version of – it works especially well for social media apps.

What is a good Tinder bio for a girl?

20 Tinder bios from women that are straight-up genius:#1. These photos one after the other made me laugh from Tinder.#2. Sounds like she already has everything planned out from Tinder.#3. Pray for me. #4. 1/2 from Tinder.#5. She just kills it! #6. Touché from Tinder.#7. The perfect woman does exist. #8.More items •Sep 23, 2020

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