Question: What apps do Taiwanese people use?

What social media app does Taiwan use?

In Taiwan, LINE is absolutely the most used messengers for daily life, way more than WhatsApp or WeChat. LINE has a “LINE Post” function where users can post things on it. Its similar to social media and some people do post or share things on it.

Do Taiwan people use WhatsApp?

During the survey period, around 8.4 percent of respondents in Taiwan aged between 30 and 34 years said they used WhatsApp .WhatsApp usage among online messaging users in Taiwan as of November 2018, by age group.CharacteristicShare of respondents--11 more rows

Do Taiwanese people use Bilibili?

In September 2019 Bilibili was discovered to be illegally renting servers in Taiwan. Chinese VOD services are not allowed to operate in Taiwan due to national security concerns.

Does Taiwan use Gmail?

Gmail is blocked in mainland China, which includes all parts of China except Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. Lots of people use Gmail for daily life and work – oftentimes without even knowing it.

Facebook Facebook thriving Facebook dominates the social network landscape in Taiwan. The U.S. tech giant stated the island has one of the worlds highest per capita penetration rate, reaching almost 19 million monthly active users in 2018.

Most Taiwanese aged 15 to 39 years said they used social media in 2020. Facebook was used by almost all social media users across Taiwan, establishing itself as the most popular social media platform on the island.

Is YouTube banned in Taiwan?

Youtube is not blocked in Hong Kong, Taiwan, or Macau. These places have free and open access to the web, so a VPN is not required. However, travelers might still want to employ a VPN for additonal privacy and security, or to unblock region-locked content from their home countries.

Is Facebook used in Taiwan?

Adults in Taiwan are still using Facebook more than any other social network platforms. A survey about internet usage in 2020 reported around 94.2 percent of surveyed Taiwanese social media users from different age groups used Facebook.

During the survey period, around 72 percent of Taiwanese respondents aged between 20 and 24 years said they used Instagram.

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