Question: Is Raya on Disney Plus Australia?

When can I watch Raya on Disney plus Australia?

The film will be released in Australian cinemas on March 4, 2021. The day after on March 5, Raya and the Last Dragon will also be available for streaming on Disney+ with Premier Access. To access this movie on streaming youll need both a Disney+ subscription and to pay a one-off fee for Premier Access.

How do I get Raya on Disney plus?

Raya and the Last Dragon will be available to purchase for $29.99 on Disney+ this Friday, March 6. You can buy the film by going to the Disney+ landing page for the film on your browser or Disney+ app. You will need a Disney+ subscription to purchase the film.

Is Raya free on Disney Plus yet?

Raya And The Last Dragon is now available for free for Disney+ subscribers. Disneys animated film, Raya And The Last Dragon, is now available to stream for free for Disney Plus subscribers. The movie first premiered on 5 March both in theatres and on Disneys streaming service (at a Premier Access fee of $38.98).

Is Disney Plus premier access only one movie?

Premier Access deals - USA Happily, it isnt a one-time thing either; once youve paid, you can watch the film as often as you like due to the fact that there isnt an expiry date. However, you will still need a Disney Plus membership.

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