Question: What is OLX?

How does the OLX work?

How OLX works? OLX works like just another classifieds portal – it has a parallel system for customers running side by side. People who wish to sell any goods can upload their advertisements just like one is expected to do in a classifieds portal. People who wish to buy goods may browse through the listing.

How can I buy on OLX?

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Is OLX a Chinese app?

OLX Global B.V. OnLine eXchange also known as OLX Group is an online marketplace company headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It was founded in 2006 and operates in 45 countries. OLX is owned by Prosus, the international assets division of the South African multinational Naspers.

How can I pay in OLX?

You can choose to pay with all major Credit, Debit cards, Net-banking & UPI. When you are ready to proceed to the checkout, follow the steps given so that we can confirm all your details, including payment authorization.

Is OLX safe to buy cars?

Basically you can buy a car from OLX if you are confident enough that its a good deal (value for money considering the condition of the car itself) but its better to go with dealerships like True Value(Maruti Suzuki).

What is OLX before?

online exchange The name OLX originally came as an abbreviation of the phrase online exchange.” In line with this rebranding, Sulit now sports OLXs universal colors, especially in the top navigation bar.

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