Question: Is Hot or Not the same as Tinder?

The biggest difference between the two is a conceptual one: Whereas Tinder styles itself a social discovery tool whose gamelike appeal is only a means to an end, Hot or Not presents itself first and foremost as a game.

Can I make a secret Tinder?

Go to settings and put your profile on hidden. One Tinder plus has been bought; navigate to the My Tinder Plus options to have access to the paid features of Tinder plus. This method will also work if you have Tinder Gold.

Is tinder select still a thing?

Tinder Select is the secret, member-only part of Tinder for the most elite users of the app like millionaires, super-models, and other types of celebrities. Tinder has never publicly communicated about the existence of Tinder Select which gives a more exclusive feel for it.

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