Question: What is sa SMS?

How do I text a South African number?

If you put a South African SIM in your phone (recommended) then you can text with just 07 .. If you are on roaming then, for some reason, you need +27. Even worse, if you send a text without the +27 it seems to go with no error so you would think youve sent the information!

How does bulk SMS work in South Africa?

This is a 5-digit shortcode typically used for competition entries, lead generation and donations. Our Incoming Long Numbers behave exactly like a mobile number except that all messages sent to that number will come directly into your BulkSMS account.

Whats does SMS mean?

Short Message Service SMS stands for Short Message Service and is commonly known as texting. Its a way to send text-only messages of up to 160 characters between phones.

Do sms online?

Track, Receive, & Send SMS Online Messages WorldwideOnline SMS Gateway. ClickSends online short message service (SMS) gateway allows you to send and receive SMS communications from any web enabled computer. Email to SMS. SMS Gateway API. Microsoft Outlook SMS. Bulk SMS Marketing. SMPP API.

Does it cost money to text internationally?

Sending international text messages (SMS) while you are abroad can be very expensive. Many international text messaging apps and websites are free, meaning you wont have to use your roaming. Turn off your mobile provider data or put your phone on Airplane Mode when you leave your country.

How much does a SMS cost in South Africa?

Example: 530 SMS x ZAR 0.33 = ZAR 174 (Total Invoiced Amount)NUMBER OF SMS MESSAGESPRICE PER SMS (excl.VAT)PRICE PER SMS (incl.VAT)500 - 1000ZAR 0.29ZAR 0.331 001 - 5 000ZAR 0.27ZAR 0.315 001 - 10 000ZAR 0.25ZAR 0.2910 001 - 50 000ZAR 0.22ZAR 0.253 more rows

How do I buy bulk SMS?

To purchase bulk SMS credits online using your ATM card, simply login to your Nigeria Bulk SMS account, click on “Top Up” at the top right of the screen, enter the amount you would like to purchase and click on “pay”.

Where is SMS on my phone?

In general, Android SMS are stored in a database in the data folder located in the internal memory of the Android phone.

How do I SMS?

0:051:25How to Send a Text Message - YouTubeYouTube

Why SMS is so expensive?

SMS fees are pure profit for the cellular carriers. Theyre basically free for carriers to send, but they can often cost ten cents or more per message. It costs more to send a text message on Earth than it does to transmit data from Mars.

What is the cost of a SMS?

Short Code SMS volume pricingSMS messages per monthMessages receivedMessages sentFirst 500K messages$ 0.0075 *$ 0.0075 *Next 4.5 million messages$ 0.0050 *$ 0.0050 *Next 20 million messages$ 0.0030 *$ 0.0030 *Next 75 million messages$ 0.0020 *$ 0.0020 *1 more row

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