Question: Would you fight a black belt?

Does being a black belt mean you can fight?

1) A back belt will always win a street fight. However, wearing a black belt doesnt automatically make someone an unbeatable fighter. Being taken by surprise, having to deal with multiple attackers, or attackers under the influence of drugs, can be challenges even for the most highly skilled martial artist.

Which black belt takes longest?

Martial arts that guarantee black belts and award them after a short period of training often have their legitimacy questioned.Which Black Belt Takes the Longest to Achieve?Judo – 4 to 6 Years. Karate – 4 to 7 Years. Jiu Jitsu – 9 to 13 Years. TaeKwondo – 3 to 5 Years. Aikido – 3 to 4 Years.

Is there a 10th degree black belt?

Keiko Fukuda, 98, Becomes First Woman to Earn Highest Level Black Belt. Keiko Fukuda is the first woman ever to be declared a tenth level black belt. Fukuda was just awarded a 10th-degree black belt, judos highest level and an honor that has been granted to only a handful of men worldwide and never before to a woman.

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