Question: When did Rahul Sharma and Asin get married?

Asin got married to Rahul Sharma on January 19 in a Christian wedding ceremony followed by Hindu rituals. Asin looked pretty in Sabyasachi lehenga.

Who is husband of Asin?

Rahul Sharmam. 2016 Asin/Husband Asin Thottumkal has been pretty disconnected from the world of showbiz ever since she got married to her businessman-husband Rahul Sharma. She has been happily focusing on her personal life with husband and their 2-year old daughter Arin.

Who is Rahul Sharmas wife?

Asinm. 2016 Rahul Sharma/Wife Rahul Sharma and his actress wife Asin were blessed with a baby girl last month - and thats the reason behind his all-day-long wide grin.

What do Asin husband do?

Rahul Sharmam. 2016 Asin/Husband

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